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Mother Tree Network

The Mother Tree Network’s purpose is to protect, restore, and transform the stewardship of forests in British Columbia. The network grew out of the ground-breaking research of founding director and renowned forest ecologist Dr. Suzanne Simard, and her Mother Tree Project at the University of British Columbia. We bring together researchers, Indigenous partners, and a circle of collaborators to help make the transition to regenerative forest stewardship and alternative forest economies.

Regenerative Forest Stewardship is an emerging concept: we envision it as ecosystem-based forest management, guided by Indigenous communities, using Indigenous and western science, that prioritizes ecosystem health, including carbon sequestration and storage, in addition to other eco-cultural and socio-economic goals. It includes: protection of old-growth and primary forests, innovative forest stewardship, restoration of damaged forests, and pro-forestation.

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By invitation, the Mother Tree Network works with First Nations and other communities wanting to practice Regenerative Forest Stewardship. We connect communities to experts, information, and tools; offer in-community scientific research, education, and planning support; and provide networking opportunities between communities. We also act as a knowledge hub, sharing information about forests with larger audiences, including the public, governments, industry, non-governmental organizations, and academia. 

How We Work

Providing services to First Nations through invitation.

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The latest from our network:

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